Chances are, a student household is a busy place. Whether there’s two, four or six people sharing a house, it is a good idea to have a fast and reliable internet connection. With several people connecting from the same house, and usually at the same sort of hours during the day, it can be frustrating when signal dips or gets interrupted altogether. It can also be annoying if signal gets weaker the further away from the router you are. This can all be avoided with fibre optic broadband.

This advanced type of connection replaces traditional copper wires with a special glass network, sending signals and data much faster. This gives the user super-fast download speeds and no waiting around for web pages upload. Infinity broadband by BT is a great choice for students. With download speeds of up to 40 MB, they’ll no longer have worry about missing important deadlines due to a slow connection, and they can always stream videos and play games online without the constant ‘buffering’.

What’s more, with Infinity from BTInternet, subscribers will get the Home Hub. This sleek little router gives great signal around the house so you won’t be limited in terms of where you can work. It also has an energy saving function, switching to a low setting when not in use, then a high setting when being used again. It’s also specially designed to avoid interference, which can be a pain in heavily populated student areas.

If that wasn’t enough, customers can also free access to over 3 million Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK. This makes it easy to connect in public, or anywhere away from home. You can get BT Infinity in your student home from under £20 per month too – definitely something worth spending your loan on.


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