Waiting for web pages to load, slow downloads, and interrupted streaming needn’t be a problem nowadays. With fibre optic technology situations like this simply won’t happen. Within the last year, millions of people across the UK have taken up fibre optic broadband in their for exactly that reason. You get a much faster and more reliable connection, so you won’t be left frustrated when going about your daily tasks. This is why fibre optic broadband is a great choice for any home or business.

Getting fibre optic broadband in your household or office is easy, even if you’re already with a provider. The switchover is usually handled by the provider themselves, so you won’t be stuck without internet while the change is taking place. You can also get your TV and calls wrapped up into one neat package, which you pay for at the end of every month – this is called a bundle. If it’s just broadband and calls, you can get a deal for around £20 per month. BT for example, offer fibre optic broadband at this price, plus you get many perks too.

Other perks you’ll get with the fibre optic broadband deal include free Wi-Fi minutes, so you can connect to any of the 3 million UK public hotspots just as you would do at home. You also get the new BT Home Hub, which ensures that you get consistently strong signal from any room in the house -  so you won’t have to be restricted to working near the router. BT Infinity Broadband by BT gives you up to 40 MB of download speeds, which is lightening-fast. This makes playing games and streaming videos or music totally seamless. Also, it has recently been announced that BT plan to double their broadband speed by Spring 2013, so this will eventually be even faster.


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