A new study has recently shown that house prices could be affected by super-fast broadband. It is being said that people now value a fast and reliable connection so much, that they simply can’t live without it. Therefore, it’s being seen an important component when buying a property. It’s also being said that the demand for fast broadband could even have an affect on people in rural areas, with the demand for premium broadband looking set to increase too.

The recent study, which was carried out by ISPreview.co.uk revealed that 80% of people regarded a good home broadband connection as a big importance to their home life. Only 18.5% said that it was only of average importance. It also revealed a very dramatic statistic, as over 80% of the population that they would be put off buying a house that had no access to super-fast broadband.

The latest super-fast broadband connection is the fibre optic kind. Last year, the number of homes with fibre optic broadband increased dramatically, and this number looks likely to rise again this year. Fibre optic broadband is the fastest out there. It’s being hailed as the future due to the lightening-fast speed it gives customers. Fibre optic broadband works in a very different way to other types of BT broadband. It sends signal through a glass network, as opposed to a traditional copper telephone wire, which is what makes it super-fast.

Getting this service in your home is easy too, as many leading providers are starting to offer their customers this broadband option. BT for example, launched their fibre optic service called BT Infinity last year. By signing up to this service you can expect downloads speeds of up to 40 MB. This is four times faster than the UK average. It makes playing games, streaming videos, and downloading files very easy, as there’s no waiting around.


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