Taking a broadband subscription with BT enables customers to get a whole lot more than what they pay for. This is due to all the added extras that come as standard for all broadband customers. So if you need to get a new connection for your home, and want to find a great deal, make sure you sign up to BT.

There are several broadband packages available to choose from that all meet a range of needs, budgets and purposes. With more of a selection available than any other provider, you’ll be sure to find something to suit you. These packages can include just broadband and calls, or can also include TV too. If you take all three services you can save yourself more money, and get all your most valued home services taken care of in one monthly payment.

BT Broadband is what you get when you sign up to a package. This includes totally free and unlimited WiFi minutes. These minutes can be used when customers are away from home and need to connect to the internet from a portable device – such as a laptop or tablet. They will be able to connect to over 3.5 million publics hotspots in the UK when out and about. These hotspots can be found in many cafes, restaurants, in train stations and simply by walking down the street. When looking for this connection just click on BT Fon or BT Openzone and enter the same details as you do when connecting at home.

Other things that come as standard when you become and broadband customer include The Home Hub router and internet security. The Home Hub router is a stylish device designed to give strong signal throughout the whole house, so the whole family can enjoy a consistently good connection. Internet security will protect the whole families PCs from any viruses.


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