bt dongleIf you are always on the move, commuting or travelling, you would certainly benefit from BT Mobile Broadband. This service will enable you to connect to the internet through something called a dongle. This can be easily slotted into your portable device, and away you go!

If this sounds appealing to you, then make sure you sign up to mobile broadband with BT today. If you do you can eventually save money on your internet usage, plus enjoy the convenience of being in control of your spending. The dongle device can be topped up online or in store, so you can just use it and when you need it. So if you’re planning to go on a business trip and know that you might need to access internet from a hotel room or train, you can be fully prepared. Or if you’re planning on going travelling, you can top it up and keep it with you in case of emergencies.

Also, as it’s prepaid, there’s absolutely no contract. So you won’t be roped into any sort of monthly bills or be tied into any lengthy contract. You can simply use it as when you like, and there’s absolutely no minimum spend. When you first sign up to mobile broadband you can get 1GB worth of usage too. This is worth £10, and means you can download almost 50 songs, receive 300 emails, and enjoy more than 400 hours of browsing.

If you are already a BTInternet customer, you can save money when you purchase your dongle. This is a one-off payment and will cost just £40.90. If you aren’t yet a customer, it will cost £89.35. One you’ve purchased this device, you can create an online account and top-up your usage in a few simple clicks of the mouse.


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