If you fancy saving money on your home broadband service this year, then make sure you sign up to Sky broadband today. As part of the latest offer, the leading provider is giving customers 9 months totally free unlimited broadband. This means absolutely no usage caps, and absolutely no worries.

This current deal is only valid for customers taking calls, line rental and Broadband Unlimited, and speeds will vary depending on location. Also, this deal is not valid for those also taking the TV service. Line rental is charged at an extra £12.25 per month on top of the package price. This is cheaper than BTInternet, and all your services will be paid for in one handy bill at the end of every month.

Customers will also get inclusive evening and weekend calls to UK landlines when signing up to this offer. So any calls lasting under an hour, and made between the hours of 7pm and 7am, will be totally free of charge. On top of this, by taking advantage of this deal while it’s available, customers will only be paying £5 per month for the BT broadband service for the first 9 months. When you add all this up, there are huge savings to be in the first year. So if you’ve been looking for ways to save the pennies recently, make the most of this offer before it ends.

What’s more, with this offer you can enjoy absolutely no usage caps on your internet usage. This means that customers can browse the web all day, every day- without worrying about exceeding any limitations. Therefore, it’s ideal for large families and those who tend to be online for the majority of the day online. Sky also promises never to slow down your broadband speeds, even at peak times.


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