These days, having a broadband connection is vital when we’re on the go, not just at home. Luckily for us, this is now possible too. We are no longer restricted to only connecting at home or at work, as we can now get online from our mobile phone handsets from millions of public places. This is all made possible by Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi we can connect from a range of portable devices – such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and netbooks – so we are never left disconnected.

You can ensure you have access from anywhere you happen to be with a complete BT broadband package. You can get a Total Broadband in a range of packages, so there’s something for everyone. With this kind of package you get loads of perks too. On top of your home broadband connection, you can expect free internet voice calls and video calls, so you can have even more ways to get in touch with friends and loved ones. You can also expect to get totally free Wi-Fi minutes. So whether you’re in the park or just relaxing in a coffee shop, you can always be sure that you can can browse the web through one of over 3 million public hotspots. You do this in just the same way as you would do at home too, so it’s really simple.

With the Total Broadband package you also get the Home Hub. This is BT’s router, which has many impressive features. It also looks good too, so can be displayed in any home without looking out of place. What’s more, it has a energy saving setting. This means that it switches to a low setting when not in use, then back up to a high setting when it’s in use once again.


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