If you want superfast broadband in your home, plus the chance to save money on your food bills, then make sure you sign up to BT Infinity today. Right now, the UK’s leading home service provider is offering customers who take their award-winning service a huge £50 Sainsbury’s gift voucher to spend at stores nationwide.

BTInternet has recently won several awards including Best Wi-Fi Service at the uSwitch Broadband Awards 2012, as well as Best Superfast Broadband at the ISP Awards 2012; this comes as no surprise, as Infinity is four times faster than the UK average. It comes with lightening-fast download speeds of up to 40 MB – so no hanging around for web pages to upload and zero interruptions when streaming. Infinity broadband is a fibre optic service. This basically means that rather than traditional copper telephone wires being used to for a connection, a glass network is used instead. The new technology has revolutionised home broadband, and is the latest must-have service for all homes in the UK.

If all this sounds appealing to you, then why not sign up to a package today and enjoy all the great benefits, plus a handy gift voucher to boot. There are many options available which can be found by visiting the website. Packages with Infinity broadband start from around £25 per month, with line rental starting from £10.75.
With all the options you get calls too, and you can add TV into the mix as well to make up a complete home service package.

You must join online to redeem your voucher though, and this can be done very easily, and in a few simple steps. Once everything has been set up in your home, your voucher will be sent to your address immediately, ready for you to enjoy spending.


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