Leading broadband provider BT are now offering customers one of the fastest connections available. Pioneering the technology, they are currently rolling out the superfast Infinity service to homes all over the UK – so many people could experience the increased speeds very soon if their homes have an enabled line. So if you want to experience smooth, uninterrupted internet surfing, and faultless streaming, why not see if you’re eligible.

But what are the benefits of increased download speeds? Well to start with, multitasking will be a lot easier. So you can stream videos and play games all at the same time, with no interruptions. With download speeds being increased, upload speeds will also reach 15MB. This means uploading and sharing your photos can be done in seconds, and there’ll be no waiting around.

To see if your home is ready for a superfast service, simply visit the BTInternet website and enter your landline number into the handy landline checker. Once you’ve done so, you will know whether your area is eligible. Although, if you’re not eligible then you shouldn’t worry, as you can still experience speeds of up to 40MB when taking one of the other Infinity packages. Also, with any standard broadband package customers can experience up to 20MB of download speeds as standard.

If you are eligible, you can also use the website to find out exactly how everything is installed, as it is done in two stages. The first stage takes place when the fibre box is installed in your home. At this time, the Openreach fibre modem and Hub will also be set up too. During stage two, an engineer will come to connect your to the BT Infinity service, making sure everything is working properly. Once this stage is completed, you can enjoy the fastest home broadband service available.


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