When it comes to choosing a broadband provider, there are lots of factors to consider. But once you have decided on the all important price, you should always check out the various perks. Some providers offer some great perks which might sway you, whereas others simply don’t.

When looking at offers from several providers, it is quite clear that BT offer the best perks to their broadband customers. One of the biggest perks being unlimited Wi-Fi minutes. This means that you can connect to over 3.5 million hotspots all over the UK. These hotspots can be found in cities, town centres, train stations, airport lounges, and at various cafes and restaurants – so you can always get connected wherever you are. Connecting is easy too, as it’s done just like at home, but from any tablet, smartphone or laptop.

Another great perk is the Home Hub. This is the router that comes included with any BT broadband package. Compared to others, it has a lot more functions, and looks great too. Its sleek black design means you can display it on your desk, making it part of the furniture. It also has a handy power saving function, so it’s perfect for energy conscious people. It switches to a high setting when being used, the switches right down to a low power mode when not in use. It’s also designed to avoid any interference, and even has built-in security.

Other perks include BTInternet security from McAfee, which can be placed on up to 7 PCs and Macs. This means that all your devices are protected from any harmful viruses, spam or firewall, plus you can control what your kids can see online. Also, BT has signed up with Yahoo! to give customers a personalized home page, email and heaps of personal storage.


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