BT LogoBT is unprecedented in offering a range of broadband packages for you to choose from according to your lifestyle and communication needs. You may want to opt for a premium broadband package with BT so that you can benefit from unlimited broadband and fast speeds.

However each package is priced individually and you can choose the most affordable or beneficial package according to your individual requirements or needs. The standard value package gives you 10GB of usage and up to 16Mb of download speed and provides excellent value for those who just want the standard amount of internet usage for surfing the net or checking emails.

For those who want to use the internet more exhaustively you may want to consider the unlimited broadband package from BT. This innovative and popular option gives you unlimited broadband with up to 16Mb download speed at good value for money. This enables you to make the most of downloading, watching movies, internet streaming, uploading content and gives you 2GB cloud control. In addition the innovative unlimited broadband package provides parents with parental control systems to ensure that their children are safe while surfing and using the internet.

The other BTInternet packages which the provider offers are the Unlimited Broadband Extra package which has all the same benefits of the unlimited broadband standard package but also includes 50GB worth of BT Cloud services and parental controls to keep children from accessing unsuitable material.

BT’s Infinity packages range from the standard BT Infinity broadband package which gives you 40GB Usage allowance and 32Mb download speeds. In addition this package gives you free online internet security. The provider also offers the BT Infinity Unlimited package which gives you unlimited broadband and up to 32Mb download speed and the BT Infinity Unlimited Extra package which gives you 76Mb download speed.


Switch Easily to BT Internet

On November 9, 2013, in BT Broadband Bundles, by Jay M

BT LogoIf you have been considering switching your internet provider to BT but are worried about the time-consuming issue of changing providers then you may find this an interesting read. BT offers its customers an easy way to switch so that you have a hassle-free broadband experience.

You can search the benefits that enable you to change providers by typing “Switch Easily to BT Internet” into your search engine. If you are an existing BT customer and have a BT phone line in place then you can benefit from arranging for an engineer to come over to make the switch to BT internet quickly and effectively without any hassle.

Even if you do not have a BT phone line you can still switch easily to the company’s internet services – arrange for an engineer to change your provider so that you can start benefiting from fast and effective broadband. The free installation means that you do not have to pay in comparison to other providers where you may be charged a significant amount to change.

You can easily switch your package online by going onto the official BT site and choosing the package that you want for your broadband. When you have chosen and ordered your desired package online you can then have a BT engineer come and install your desired package easily.

All you have to do is order the package online and leave the rest of the work of switching broadband providers to the provider – it will send an engineer to install your new phone line and take care of the switching of broadband providers with the minimum of fuss.


BT LogoBT offers its customers unrivalled free internet security by using the leading security brand McAfee so that you get the most comprehensive internet security for your internet connection. BT gives you unlimited broadband in addition to the fast speed BT Infinity broadband package that includes the BT Net Protect services.

BT Net Protect Plus gives you free online security so that you have a peace of mind when surfing the net online. The innovative package also enables you to protect up to 7 PCs in your home which gives you value for money, as standard virus protection software only enables up to 3 PCs or laptops to be covered by internet security protection.

You can search the various options for free BT internet security online by searching “Free Internet Security & Online Storage with BT Internet”. This will provide you with a comprehensive list of services and features from BT. You can keep intruders at bay and protect from spammers with the BT internet protection package which helps to protect against viruses and any computer hackers. Internet security is invaluable in an age when identity fraud and online banking leaves many customers vulnerable and under threat of being victim to spammers and hackers. It is therefore important to invest in a good internet security but why go through all the hassle of searching when you can get the internet security and online storage free with BT Broadband?

You can also be free of risk when browsing the internet and can shop and take care of online banking safely and securely so that you are not targeted by any potential hackers while using the internet.


When you are online you will want a fast, reliable and unlimited connection so that you can enjoy your online experience, and the best way to do this is with an unlimited package which will have no usage caps. You can now get one of these packages at half price for a whole year, making it fantastic value for your money.

sky broadband 12 month free
If you are the sort of user who does not want to be limited when they are surfing the web then it is important that you find a broadband package with no usage cap, as this way you will be able to download, stream and use as much internet as you want each month. You will also want a package from a provider that does not slow down your speeds during peak times either, as this is something that unfortunately is quite common for many broadband providers.

With Sky Broadband Unlimited you will be able to use the internet as much as you want each month and also get some excellent speeds too, which will ensure for a smooth and quick online experience. Your speeds will never be slowed as well, giving you a consistent and reliable connection. Not only this, but you can take advantage of an incredible offer that is currently on which will see you get this broadband package at half price for a whole 12 months, making it amazingly good value for your money and certainly worthwhile investing in. This package will give you impressive speeds of up to 16 Mb, and it is also available to you with or without Sky TV. This fantastic offer really is a steal, giving you high quality, fast, reliable and unlimited broadband at half price for a whole year, so make sure you take advantage today.


If you are thinking about signing up to Plusnet Broadband, but have some things you are unsure about, then you can get all the answers from their FAQs. Many people have questions about their modems and routers before they sign up, such as which to use, which you can get all the answers to.

Many people want to know if they can use the router they already have when they sign up for a deal with Plusnet. The company recommends using their router unless you are an experienced internet user, and these routers come at a small extra cost to your package. As long as your own router is compatible you should be able to use it, otherwise the Technicolour 582n is available from Plusnet.

If you are trying to use a router you have used from another provider previously it is important to know that providers often lock routers to just their network so you will not be able to use it. If you are signing up for standard broadband you will want to find out whether your router says ADSL/ADSL 2 or ADSL2+ in its description. It can often help to search for the name of the model online. Equally, if you have bought your router from a well-known retailer then it will probably be compatible with Plusnet’s service.

If you are opting for fibre broadband then you will want to check whether your router says Fibre/Cable in its description, or again, whether it is from a high street retailer. If your router does not fill both these criteria then you may want to use Plusnet’s router to be on the safe side. Moreover, if you join fibre broadband with Plusnet you can get a free BT fibre modem.


If you want broadband that gives you a little bit extra then it is worth taking a look at what Virgin has for you. This well reputed internet service provider has a range of extras you can choose from to really complete your internet experience and help you personalise it.

When you sign up to Virgin Media Broadband you can select from extras that they have so that you can have a customised internet service. You can get technical support when you need it so that everything is always running smoothly. There are also apps which include the option to have virgin media security so that your computers are never at risk.

Virgin Media Security comes with your package and it protects up to three computers from any kind of malware, phishing and viruses. There are all kinds of risks out there in the internet and this service will make sure you are not in danger. You can also get parental controls which keep your children safe online.

You can also choose to get Virgin Media Mail as an extra. This will give you 10 email addresses so that each member of your family can have their own. You can get spam filters which mean you don’t get junk mail in your inbox, and you can also synchronise your emails to come to your mobile phone too.

Another option is to get PC health check, which will make sure your computer doesn’t get bogged down and start to slow down, which is always a pain. With PC health check you can scan your computer and make sure everything is running smoothly.

You can also get extras such as Identity+ which will give you even more protection online from things like fraud. There is also Live Expert Help which gives you technical support for your other digital equipment.


If you are having problems with your broadband connection, as can happen from time to time, then there are a few things you can do to get it up and running as quickly as possible. Often problems with your broadband connection do not require an engineer and can be solved by trying a few simple things.

If your internet connection does seem slower than usual you can try closing your internet browser and restarting it. If this does not yield any results then you can restart your computer or device as sometimes this can get everything working in perfect order again. It can also be worth checking your hardware setup to ensure that everything is properly configured.

Another option can be to connect an Ethernet cable if you were previously using wireless internet, and changing your router settings can also often improve your connection and speed up your browsing. If you are still having a slow connection after these things then you might want to try rebooting your router. This means switching off the Sky hub at the mains plug, then leaving it for 30 seconds before turning it on again. It is best not to reset your Sky broadband or router when you do this as it will delete all the settings you have on it currently.

You might also want to check your microfilters to ensure they are in good working order. These are the small white boxes which have a phone lead on them and were supplied when you got your Sky Router. Often your internet connection can be slow or intermittent if you don’t have these connected around your home as their function is to prevent interference from other devices which use the phone lines such as telephones.


Virgin Media LogoThe VIP Collection from Virgin Media will give you superfast broadband, a top quality TV service along with a home phone service that lets you get the most out of your phone. You can find out more about exactly what you get with this collection here, it’s a must-have for anyone looking for the best home media set around.

Anyone looking for the ultimate home media set up will instantly love the Virgin Media VIP collection which will give you an incredible broadband, television and home phone set up. You will not find a better collection than this and you can even save money on it when you order online as well. With the VIP collection you will be getting superfast fibre optic broadband which is an impressive 13 times faster than normal broadband – this will allow you to play games online, stream video and download files all at the same time. As well as fibre optic broadband you will also receive over 225 channels, Virgin TV Anywhere, an extra HD box for another room and a 1TB TiVo box as well for a fantastic television service where there will always be something to watch. With the home phone service you will receive unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles and cheaper international calls, allowing you to use your phone whenever you want and for as long as you like.

These are just a few of the features that you get with the VIP Collection with Virgin Media, so if you want superfast broadband as well as a top quality television and home phone set up then sign up for it today, you will be amazed at all the features that come along with it and what excellent value it is for your money as well.


BT LogoExploring the benefits of a brand new broadband provider can be exciting for a new customer and customers that are new to BT will have plenty of help along the way with our guide to getting started with your new broadband or Infinity package.

Both of these popular packages provide excellent features for people looking for fast connection anywhere in their home and on the go, and each is also a portal to unlimited internet access. But with so much to explore, where do you start?

My BT is the perfect place to begin your journey and get to grips with the wider BT service as well as your personalised package. My BT allows you to view your most recent and previous bills, make payments online and upgrade any part of your BT bundle, whether that be your phone, broadband or TV package. Joining My BT couldn’t be easier: simply fill in your profile details and account settings to create your very own BT ID, which can be used again and again to manage your account and unlock great offers.

As well as visiting My BT to access all areas of your broadband package, you can also visit the Broadband Help section, the go-to guide should you need quick and thorough answers to the hot topics every customer is talking about. The online Broadband Help section explores every area of your service including how to set up your BT email account, diagnosing and resolving connectivity issues, moving home, getting the best speed, managing parental controls and generally looking after your Home Hub to ensure a quality service.

Not found what you are looking for in the help section? Talk to BT’s customer service department over the phone or using their online chat feature, or ask fellow customers in the BT Community Forums.


Software Updates for Sky Routers

On August 19, 2013, in Sky Broadband Bundles, by Jay M

Sky LogoBroadband routers and other equipment provided by Sky as part of your package is always being upgraded so that you can get the best service for your needs and budget every step of the way. But what do you need to know about the automatic updates that take place in your Sky router?

Software updates take place regularly, often without you knowing and with minimum disruption to your broadband service, and tend to last between two and six minutes in total. In fact, these updates (which are mostly commanded remotely) take place at night when activity is low. Sometimes however, due to the number of customers who choose to switch off their router at night, these updates must be repeated during daylight hours to ensure every customer gets the best quality service.

When an automatic router update is taking place, you don’t need to do anything at all and must refrain from turning off your hub or router until the update has been completed. Whilst Sky takes time to schedule its software upgrades carefully and conveniently, in the midst of an update you will not be able to use the internet, which confuses many customers who may think there is a problem with their service.

Unsure about whether Sky is running an upgrade on your router software? There is a quick and easy test that can be completed to determine whether an update is taking place in your area. Simply open your browser and type your router number (i.e. into the URL or address bar. Next press enter, this will allow you to access your router’s settings.

You will be required to login, which can be completed by any customer using the username ‘admin’ and the password ‘sky’. If your software is being updated, you will see a ‘no connection’ message for the Sky Hub or an upgrade message on older routers.